Bloomberg Editorial: “Do we want the U.S. government constantly fiddling with Google’s algorithms?”

7/14/11 | 12:06:00 PM

Check out Bloomberg’s new editorial about the FTC investigation, arguing against “a drawn-out antitrust suit”:

The protracted rituals of antitrust, however, were built for a world in which monopolists stymied innovation, jacked up prices, stifled competition and arm-twisted customers into buying extra goods or services they didn’t need. It’s not that simple in high tech.

Google hardly acts like a classic monopolist. It innovates furiously, having made 500 refinements to its search-engine algorithms last year alone. Google gives away most of its products. Google’s easy-to-use AdWords and AdSense products have helped thousands of businesses get started. And for all its supposed market clout, Google has launched its share of flops, such as Google Health.
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