What Consumers and Internet Users are Saying About the FTC Investigation of Google

7/12/11 | 11:05:00 AM

Consumers Choose Google

@Stephenie816 I CHOOSE to Google #theresnogunbeingheldtomyhead RT @google: Supporting choice, ensuring economic opportunity:goo.gl/HJM1J 6/24/11

@joelinux117 @google should not have to be the subject of an antitrust lawsuit... it's your choice to use Gmail/Maps/Voice/etc, and it's free 6/24/11

Technology Logs: “Yes, users have the choice, and majority of them chose Google simply because they always find the information that they want.”

“Google Responds To FTC Inquiry: “Using Google Is A Choice,” TechCrunch, 6/24/11

@rafaelbran That's why we love you so much @google, because we've chose to. :) 6/24/11

@cyrowski @google I'm a #Googler by #Choice! #FTC, should I use #AltaVista instead? bit.ly/knML1O 6/24/11

haikued2m: “Folks, Google is used more as a search engine because it is better, by far, than the rest. I have 4 search options that I use, but the best by far is Google. And ‘they didn't bring anything new to the technology’...ok..smart guy...why didn't someone else develop a google capability and form a hugely successful company. Get real.”

“Google confirms FTC probe: Translating what the company really means,” ZDNet, 6/24/11

DCMetroGuy: “Google is where they are .... because they provide a good service. They are fairly non-intrus­ive with their products, and work pretty much on an opt in model. Alot of companies slide things onto peoples computers when you go to their website, You do not necessarily know they are putting things on your computer. Google products and add-ons usually have several notices anytime they are updating or changing anything on your computer. They got to where they are by providing products and information­n people want and CHOOSE to use. Yes they are huge, but it is because people have chosen to use them.”

“Google Confirms FTC Antitrust Investigation,” Huffington Post, 6/24/11

nimbus2020 2020: I have been using Google from since beginning. If I had felt at any time that the results are intentionally tempered, I would not have been using such a service. Have they made mistakes, surely yes (remember things like buzz etc), but are they anti-competitive and dishonest, I will be shocked if that is proven.

FTC probe could be hard, costly battle for Google,” ComputerWorld, 6/24/2011

Nirvana-bound: "’The other possibility is that Google’s search engine is more popular because it is better.’ BINGO! Who in their cotton-picking minds can deny that? As for the controversy facing them, I call it a storm in their 'search engine' cup. Will pass over. More power to unfettered Googling!!”

“Google's enemies: The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger,” The Economist, 6/30/11

On the FTC’s Review

Sean Flaim: [...] there has been no specific articulation of any reason for the investigation other than Google is a large company who may have market power, which I don't think is a foregone conclusion. Inevitably such fishing expeditions will be sure to find some evidence of "guilt" for Google playing hardball here or there, but without proving damage to consumers, of what use is that?

Using antitrust law to effect a form of ex-ante regulation on Google's conduct seems precisely backwards to the primary goals of antitrust law.

“The FTC makes its Google investigation official, now what?” Tech Liberation Front, 6/24/11

@MatthewWhatley I really hope the #FTC doesn't destroy #Google after this anti-trust investigation. Why ruin a good product to let other worse products in? 6/25/11

bluelinerci: How is it that the FTC investigates Google...a company that is really only guilty of being successful. They have plenty of competition and Internet companies can fall faster than any traditional company...Yet, Ticketmaster is unfettered with their monopolistic ways?

“Google To Antitrust Enforcers: What's Up?,” TPM, 6/24/11

Bob: “FTC is going to look mighty funny when they find out, after they pull their heads out from their arse that google is used by choice and not out of compulsion by end-users. Sheer waste of tax payer money.”

“GOOGLE: Yes, We’re Under Investigation, But we Don’t Know Why,” Business Insider, 6/24/11

@egpierro FTC going after @Google #lawsuit seriously?! more waste of tax money... aren't we a free market economy after all? #survivalofthefittest 6/24/11

ChristopherIstvan: “Our countries businesses suffer more and more to the hands of our countries politics. Google offers great services and help many web developers, search engine marketers, small, medium and large companies advertise services and products. People need to make a stand on this issue!”

“FTC launches investigation of Google,” Los Angeles Times, 6/24/2011

@ronito_cruz #FTC launching antitrust inquiry against @google. Two wireless companies running the market and regional telecom monopolies apparently ok. 6/24/11

coolrepublica: “Yeah that investigation puzzle me as well. If Google can be investigated for doing things to their site to keep them in business than it means that the Apple antitrust investigation is not too far behind. But this is has Microsoft's hand all over it.”

“GOOGLE: Yes, We’re Under Investigation, But we Don’t Know Why,” Business Insider, 6/24/11

Linux Geek: “The unholy alliance of M$, Apple & Co. + corrupt government officials are fighting against Google and free market principles. Google, unlike M$ or Apple brought real innovation in US and created millions of jobs and business opportunities.”

“Google confirms FTC probe: Translating what the company really means,” ZDNet, 6/24/11

@Dubai_CEOs Am I the only one that thinks the anti-trust allegations against @google are rediculous? Keep doing what you do. And do it harder 6/24/11

whoshooter: “For all you anti-Googl­e folks, I have a question about your "monopoly concerns".­...How much money has Google EVER asked you to pay using their search engine, maps, or Youtube? HOW MUCH - Zero. That is where the FTC is wasting their time. MSN's antitrust case was valid - not this one.”

“Google Confirms FTC Antitrust Investigation,” Huffington Post, 6/24/11

DTree: “Indeed, some of these "competito­rs" would be better of spending money on creating *better* websites rather than on litigation­. Google algorithms reward good websites with top search rankings..­. it is is a purely objective form of measuremen­t. These plaintiffs need to wake up and start spending their resources in the right places. “Google Confirms FTC Antitrust Investigation,” Huffington Post, 6/24/11

@remtonar It seems nonsensical 2 accuse @Google of market manipulation; most of its services are free. 2 c a real monopsony look at @Apple. 6/24/11

Douglas Gawtry: I will never understand this anti-trust mentality of our government. You don't have to search with google, you don't have to own an android phone,.... So why would the company get in trouble for some sort of monopoly? There is plenty of competition for everything google does. Leave them alone and spend my tax dollars on something more worthwhile.

Google Confirms FTC Investigation; Will States Launch Inquiries, Too?,” PCMag, 6/24/11

CForest: Another reason Google is facing anti-trust attention is that it is starting to encroach on Microsoft’s $22B Office suite monopoly. We have already used syncdocs.com to move all our Office and Sharepoint data to Google Docs cloud. Many others will follow. You can bet Microsoft’s lobbyists will be working hard in Washington...

“Google's enemies: The search giant’s antitrust headache gets bigger,” The Economist, 6/30/11

Big Isn’t Bad

m2skd:“Consumers benefiting from google search is not allowed apparently.”

“Google Responds To FTC Inquiry: “Using Google Is A Choice,” TechCrunch, 6/24/11

gwailo247: “Google doesn't spend millions/billions to acquire companies because they suck. They usually buy companies because they are good investments, and they then usually put money into making them better. Same with Microsoft and (at least in the old days) with Yahoo.”

“Google says trustbuster concerns are 'unclear',” CNet, 6/24/11

@TheDudeDiogenes I generally distrust companies, but I trust @Google more than I trust our government. 6/24/11

willyampz: “A business is especially obligated to be out for itself first - and society benefits in the form of jobs. Where things go wrong is when a company or individual enriches themselves AT THE EXPENSE of society. In my opinion, I see Google as being one of the more ethical companies, and gives back so much for free. Of course, they CAN do that because they are ad-supported.”

“Google confirms FTC probe: Translating what the company really means,” ZDNet, 6/24/11