New York Times: Bing “Now a Scale Player” in Search

8/1/11 | 5:23:00 PM

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Sunday’s New York Times profile on Microsoft’s Bing and how it’s competing in the search engine space. Two things worth noting:
  • Microsoft’s head of search Qi Lu comments on how search engines are evolving beyond “ten blue links” into providing richer types of answers for users -- whether that answer is a video, a map, shopping results, or even a seating chart:

    “Search is still essentially a Web site finder.” Mr. Lu says. “It’s all nouns. But the future of search is verbs — computationally discerning user intent to give them the knowledge to complete tasks.”

  • Laura Desmond, CEO of ad agency Starcom MediaVest, notes that Bing’s share of its clients’ search clicks has grown over the last nine months, telling the Times, “Bing is clearly behind Google, but now it’s a scale player as well.”