Flight Search: Good for Competition and Consumers

9/14/11 | 5:56:00 PM

Consumers and Experts on Google’s New Flight Search Tools:

“Ultra Fast Indeed!” “Rather Powerful”; Other “Companies Will Rise to the Challenge and Offer Different Solutions”

Earlier this week, Google unveiled its new flight search tool (google.com/flights) for consumers, based on Google’s acquisition of travel company ITA Software. Here’s what consumers and experts are saying about these tools:

Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land
“Google has made what amounts to a promising down payment on more ambitious travel search tools with its new Flight Search, debuting today.” (Search Engine Land)

Aaron Ritoper
“Google’s product further validates the space and shows that Meta search is a key consumer service that people want...Travel search still has much room to develop, and users will appreciate how some companies will rise to the challenge and offer different solutions.” (Tnooz)

Google debuted its long awaited flight search Tuesday, achieving Concorde-like speed in returning airfares to would-be flyers...Results from flight searches show up almost instantly — which comes as something of a miracle, given how accustomed we’ve all become to ten second-waits to find a cheap fare to Boise, Idaho. (Wired)

Tom Costello
“I’m so stunned that I might smile!” (Tnooz)

John Pope
“Fast isn’t the word for it though, it’s ultra-super-sonic-speed-in-the-extreme.” (Tnooz)

“Google Flights Search Is a Powerful, Intuitive, Lightning-Fast Tool for Finding Cheap Tickets” (Lifehacker)

J.P. Hart
“Ultra fast indeed! (Tnooz)

Andrew Tipton
It’s rather powerful: as long as the origin airport is one of those shown on the map, and the destination airport is reachable via a domestic flight on one of the major airlines (AA, AS, B6, CO, DL, F9, UA, US), the search results come back instantaneously...Colour me impressed.” (Tnooz)

Peggy Lee
“Wow! And Fast yes.” (Tnooz)

Larry Smith
“The Limits slider graph is sweet.” (Tnooz)